Sage ACCPAC CRM is a leading award winning tool offering the following functionality and benefits (CRM Overview)

Sage ACCPAC CRM is a leading award winning tool offering the following


  • Sales Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Custmer Service

and benefits;

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Sales Automation

Sage CRM can provide tools for your sales people to work more effectively, through access of diaries, accounts, reports, pipelines, contacts and call lists.

Sales forecasting & Reporting – Accurate, timely forecasting to help sales teams make decisions quicker and with all the relevant information available at a touch of a button.

Management of Vital Opportunities & Leads – Easy tracking of leads within Sage CRM can help your sales people analyse all current and historical accounts details to help identify new clients and resell to existing ones.

Build & Maintain Profitable Customer Relationships – Sage CRM will allow you to have the up-to-date information about customers and also identify opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell.

Account & Activity Management – Escalation and reassignment of leads ensure that the right people can deal with situations to meet customer needs.  Security level assignment makes sure only the right people see information relevant to them.

Territory Management – Sage CRM Assignment rules can be set up so that leads can be automatically routed to the right sales rep based on territories.  You can also analyse Sales effectiveness and performance by territory.

Access Anywhere Anytime – Work offline or online over a network or the Web – and seamlessly synchronise between the two.

Marketing Automation

Sage CRM can also provide powerful tools for managing tracking and analysing target marketing campaigns.

  • Campaign Management– With Sage CRM you can track marketing activities and view every detail of each campaign at a glance.  Details such as communications, opportunities, responses, budget actual cost and lists of prospects can be viewed at the click of a button.
  • Segmentation & Groups– Segment customer and prospect lists, export marketing lists to Microsoft Excel for external agencies.
  • Outbound call Management– Within the Sage CRM “Outbound Call Management” Module you can schedule “target lists” and allocate them to particular person to follow up the calls at a convenient time for the prospects and customers.  All this information can then be saved and shared throughout the company. It can also easily be integrated into any marketing campaign.
  • E-mail Management– You can send out mass emails and store the exact communication so that others within the organisation can see the message.  Mass e-mails can be sent in their thousands and Sage CRM will use it’s own e-mail client to safely send these in double-quick time!
  • Campaign Reporting– This is the ability to track campaigns from initial lead generation right through to close.  Sage CRM will generate Cost vs. Sales analysis data looking at sales revenues from a specific campaign.
  • Lead Management– The ability to track a lead enables you to view it at every stage and also priorities leads ensuring that a lead never gets lost or goes cold.
  • List Management – You can create “target lists” from selected criteria to merge documents for mass mailouts and record marketing pieces sent for future reference.

Customer Service

The heart of all organisations is the customer care. Providing excellent customer service can transform a cost to the business into a potential profit centre.

  • Case Management– Cases can be set up to allow you to capture and track every interaction with every customer which can be logged and saved in Sage CRM, providing complete case history with access to all previous issues.
  • Activities & Communications– Sage CRM will let you assign schedule and track phone calls, meetings and view records of previous meetings.  You can also attach all emails and letters for future reference, and also attach documents from the global library.
  • Reporting– With Sage CRM you can view and measure call turn around time, view issues by category, outstanding and unresolved issues and pull graphical reports for weekly, monthly and quarterly management meetings.
  • Knowledge Management – Build a library of solutions for common issues to help your customer service team resolve them faster.
  • Customer Self Service Portal– Sage CRM allows Web access for customers to their own ‘customer portals’, which can access at anytime to log queries, service request and monitor the status of their queries.  The service portal can be branded to have the same look-and-feel as your corporate identity.Escalation & notification– You can set up rules within Sage CRM so that if a case is not resolved it can either be escalated or an email notification can be sent to you warning that it still hasn’t been resolved.
  • “Ticket” tracking – All issues will have a number and date-stamped to indicate when the case has been resolved or escalated further.
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